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Adam’s Pool and Spa Service is based in Long Beach, California. We are a friendly, reliable and professional pool and spa cleaning service company that also installs, maintains, and repairs pool and spa equipment.

Our company specializes in eco-friendly and energy efficient pool cleaning supplies and technology that is safe for people and their pets.

Every job is performed with quality and excellence. The jobs are completed — rain or shine — with a smile and confirmation of the jobs done.

Customer service is of paramount importance to everyone in the company — from the service technicians to the office support team.

We enjoy our work and the services that we provide. We feel we are enhancing the quality of life for our valuable clients. Their satisfaction and continuous use of our company’s services are what we strive to achieve.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our courteous and professional service technicians who will make sure that you receive the best care possible for your pool or spa. We also make sure that fountains and water falls are working and looking their best.

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lg-bOur company is young, energetic and conscientious. We stay up-to-date on the latest products and technology so we can provide the best available services to our clients. Check out our company’s testimonials and reviews.

Our mission is to enhance our customers’ quality of life and their enjoyment of their pools, spas, fountains, and waterfalls. We aim to delight our customers and keep their confidence in our expertise to take excellent care of their pools and spas with the best available products and methods.

Our vision is to elevate the company’s visibility and influence with respect to best practices in the pool and spa maintenance industry. This vision can be accomplished by implementing quality control and continuous improvement processes within our own company, collecting data and analyzing the information with the goal of increasing our company’s effectiveness and efficiency in performing our many jobs..

There are many potential reasons to explain why your pool water is cloudy. Among the most common causes of cloudy pool water are these: 1) Your pool filter may need to be backwashed and cleaned, possibly with chemicals. Or it may be simply that your skimmer baskets and/or your pump strainer basket are clogged and need to be cleared of debris. 2) The pH level, alkalinity and/or calcium hardness may be out of balance and need to be adjusted. 3) There may be a dissolved solids and/or calcium hardness requiring that the water be replaced with fresh water that is low in hardness. With the addition of new water, the chemicals must be rebalanced. 4) Organic waste may be excessive and require pool super shock to break down the debris. 5) The alkalinity may be too high and offset with a pH reducer. 6) The sanitizer level may be too low and in need of additional chlorine to bring the level within the normal range..

It is likely that your swimming pool has green algae growing in it. Low alkalinity can contribute to the growth of green algae. The greenish tinge in the water and the algae can be eliminated easily if treated in the early stages. If algae has had a chance to persist and embed itself in the pool, the job of ridding the algae becomes more difficult and aggressive measures must be taken. .

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We are committed to quality and safety. We absolutely love what we do …


Our technicians are not only good at what they do, but they are great with people, too. We are in a service business, and giving impeccable service with a cheerful attitude goes a long way toward building excellent client relationships.


You can count on us to be on time when we meet with you to consult on pool or spa work that you are considering or when we are scheduled to do a job you have entrusted to us. You can also count on us to do the job well, using the best possible products and practices.


We conduct ourselves with professionalism at all times. We are honest, fair and respectful. We know that you expect companies that you do business with to have a high sense of integrity and decency. We expect those things of ourselves, too, but more than that, those characteristics define who we are.


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